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The Gloved One: Tech Researchers Hone Fingertip Musicianship

ATLANTA -- Tanya Markow is a Georgia Tech researcher who has mastered a gizmo called the music mobile touch glove.

The glove is equipped with tiny vibrating motors in each finger, with the goal of teaching the glove wearer to play, in this case, the first 15 notes of Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

"We've discovered that when people put the glove on, first of all, they're hearing the music. Second they're feeling which finger to use to press the appropriate key on the keyboard," said Markow, a Tech doctorate student and US Army Major.

The glove is for those too busy or impatient to actually learn to play music. The buzzing fingers on the glove provide passive muscle memory. Markow says the glove wearer can learn basic music while doing other chores.

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Smithsonian Museum Day at the High

On Saturday, September 25, 2010, the High Museum of Art will participate in Smithsonian Museum Day. The High will join participating museums and cultural institutions nationwide in opening their doors free of charge to all visitors who download the Museum Day Ticket from www.smithsonian.com. One ticket is permitted per household, per email address.

The High Museum of Art was founded in 1905 as the Atlanta Art Association. This museum is the leading art museum in the southeastern United States.

Atlanta Police Chief Recommends Rezoning Precincts

ATLANTA -- The time it takes police to respond to calls for help in Atlanta could be changing.

On Tuesday, Atlanta Police Chief George Turner released his recommendations for redrawing police beat boundaries and zones to improve reaction time and increase police visibility and availability citywide.   

City Councilman Michael Julian Bond requested the Precinct Boundary Redesign study in January.

"Improving response times and police availability were top priorities communicated to me by citizens across the entire city as I was seeking office last year," Bond said, adding his appreciation for the police chief's recommendations.

Currently, Zone 1 covers 19 square miles, Zone 2 covers 40 square miles, Zone 3 covers 24 square miles, Zone 4 covers 32 square miles, Zone 5 covers 8 square miles, and Zone 6 covers 16.6 square miles.

New Social Media Brand Ambassadors Practice from Mastermind Lets Brands Engage with Consumers

New Social Media Brand Ambassadors Practice from Mastermind Lets Brands Engage with Consumers

Atlanta-based Mastermind, a leading social, mobile, digital and promotion agency, this week launched an innovative Social Media Brand Ambassador practice designed to allow brands to actively engage customers, promote their products, and respond quickly to inquiries and complaints.  The agency will recruit ambassadors nationwide and engage them on behalf of clients to promote discussion and raise the level of social media conversation for specific brands.

Potential ambassadors will be chosen from a range of demographic groups, interest areas, and geographic regions.  Those interested in applying should go to www.mastermindmarketing.com.

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Rick Lavoie to Speak at Howard School Anniversary

The Howard School, located in West Midtown will kick off a year-long series of events celebrating its 60th anniversary on Sept. 21 with a keynote address and book signing by Rick Lavoie, a nationally recognized leader in education for children with learning disabilities.

Atlanta Tastemakers Give Back at Midtown Fashion Event


Fashion savvy tastemakers who want the best of both worlds - retail therapy that adds to life and the chance to give back to community, can take pride in attending 

Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light For Seafood At Whole Foods

ATLANTA -- The figures are staggering -- and frightening.

Since 1950, the numbers of all the large fish in the oceans, from marlin and bluefin tuna, to cod and flounder, have dropped by 90 percent.

Overfishing and the destruction of ocean environments are responsible.

If the fish populations ever recover, it will be because consumers change their buying and eating habits. The marketplace seems to realize that.

For some, Whole Foods is like the Disneyworld of supermarkets -- bright colors, sparkling displays,exotic foods. But in the seafood department, there is a decidedly adult message.

"Well our point is to really work on developing more sustainable practices with seafood," said Whole Foods' Alisha Cave. "We want to get rid of the overfishing and the bycatch that's going on."

Whole Foods has joined the growing number of grocery chains changing the way they sell seafood.