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CNG Stations: If They Build Them, Will You Come? | News

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CNG Stations: If They Build Them, Will You Come?

ATLANTA -- Regular? Premium? Or natural gas? At the urging of the Georgia Public Service Commission, the Atlanta Gas Light Company has come up with a proposal to open several natural gas fueling locations in the City of Atlanta within a few years.

Which comes first: the vehicle or the fuel? When it comes to a projected natural gas transportation system, it's the fuel.

"We'll begin to build that infrastructure and the customers will come" said Donna Peeples, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Atlanta Gas Light Resources.

"You're confident that that's going to happen," 11Alive's Marc Pickard asked. 

"Absolutely," she said. "With the tax credits available and the reduction in fuel costs, the clean, abundant supply here domestically, it's a natural."

Atlanta Gas Light Resources, the parent company of Atlanta Gas Light, has submitted a proposal to the Georgia Public Service Commission to begin building natural gas fueling stations in Atlanta.

In the first phase, they'd build five to eight of these fueling stations in and around Atlanta. But before they build they will need an agreement with fleets in this area to commit to a minimum of 20 percent of the business at each station.

"It's important to get fleets on board first," Peeples said. "Because we'll build these stations with the capacity to supply them. Once we have those stations in place it'll be simple then to open it up to the public."

With America importing 70 percent of the greenhouse gas emitting oil that we use,domestically produced natural gas for our vehicles has some obvious advantages. It would cut our demand for foreign oil. It would reduce greenhouse emissions. And it would ultimately be cheaper than oil.

"Natural gas is a fuel source that we have -- over a hundred year supply now," Peeples said.

The first of these stations could be ready in about a year. They will build it and they expect you to come.  


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