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Abe Lincoln: From history to hyperbole | Education

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Abe Lincoln: From history to hyperbole

(WXIA) -- The Abraham Lincoln most of us grew up with is the one on the face of the omnipresent penny... the solemn visage of the moral arbiter of our nation's soul.

But there is another image of Abe Lincoln that your kids are growing up with. And it's a lot cooler.

Somewhere over the last century and a half, the 16th President of the United States graduated from hero to ax-wielding superhero, who emancipated the nation both from the injustice of slavery and the growing tyranny of (what else?) vampires.

"However history remembers me, it will only be a fraction of the truth," he growls in the film "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer."

Friday night, movie audiences had a chance to see the latest cinematic incarnation of Lincoln, the one that has more than a "fraction" of the truth. It's from Steven Spielberg.

"This movie was just beautiful," said Atlantic Station Regal Cinema patron Jennifer Durchin. "I love the way they put it together. "

The movie is taken from the Pulitzer prize-winning biography "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

"So many people think of him as an icon, as a statesmen, they don't know what a great politician he was," Goodwin said in an interview recently on NBC News.

It is ironic that, despite all that's been written about him, Abraham Lincoln remains one of history's mysteries.

"There was a lot about Abe Lincoln that I didn't know," said movie patron Brandon Bodie. "He had this kind of flair about him."

And that flair may be what's reinvented Lincoln as an unlikely pop icon who's pretty much everywhere these days, especially on YouTube.

"The power of Lincoln is here," said movie patron and retired Lt. Colonel Nate Perkins. "From the penny that we see and spend every day, from the books, to the library, the capitol, to the streets, from the monument in Washington D.C. Lincoln is alive."

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