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MIDTOWN: The Alliance looks at 'Real Tweenagers of Atlanta' | Education

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MIDTOWN: The Alliance looks at 'Real Tweenagers of Atlanta'

KENNESAW, Ga. -- On a recent day at Pine Mountain Middle School in Kennesaw, middle school students filed into an auditorium at their school to see the Alliance Theatre's newest play for youth.

Just one look at the faces, and it was clear they weren't expecting much.

Then "The Real Tweenagers of Atlanta" began. The improvisational play engaged them right away.


"I actually didn't expect it to be what it is," said an eighth grader named Anokhi.


The play is a rollicking glimpse into the lives of upper elementary through the middle school grades.


"This special group of kids that are not in high school yet, they're not old enough to drive, but they have an independent spirit," said Rosemay Newcott, Artistic Director of the Theater of Youth at the Alliance. "And, they're tortured because they can't really express everything that they want to express."


She created the show based on interviews with tweens at camps and schools throughout Metro Atlanta.


"We do deal with bullying, Newcott said. "We deal with image and what it is to be considered this or considered that. When we run the text(ing) part of the show, they're so with it. They're ahead of us, in terms of understanding what those letters mean and stuff."

The play also deals with physical education classes and cafeteria issues.


The show is interactive and students in the audience are pulled onto the stage for improvisation.


"I think this really teaches kids because it involves them, instead of somebody standing on the stage and talking going on and on about how bullying is bad and you shouldn't do it," Anhoki said.


"It's teaching everybody to be themselves and just have fun with middle school," said fellow eighth grader, Brian.


"You don't have to be anything that anyone else says," said another eighth grader named Ben.


"The Real Tweenagers of Atlanta" opens Saturday, Oct. 29 and runs at various times through Nov. 13. For ticket information, contact the Alliance Theatre box office.

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