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What kind of test cheating solutions are there? | Education

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What kind of test cheating solutions are there?

ATLANTA -- Atlanta's CRCT cheating scandal raises many questions about possible solutions, about how to repair the damage and keep it from happening again.

One state legislator is already proposing a new law that would require school employees caught cheating to repay the bonuses they won for higher test scores.

"To my surprise after getting into the scandal, I found that if a teacher, administrator admits to or is even found guilty of falsifying scores and received bonuses and raises, there was no mechanism that would compel them to return the money," Rep. Billy Mitchell (D-Stone Mountain) told 11Alive News.

Mitchell added that he is personally opposed to any cash bonuses, but won't attempt to outlaw them because he thinks that decision should be left up to local school boards.

11Alive News has also received several e-mails from you, our viewers, about possible solutions.

Covington resident Connie Stilwill suggested putting volunteer parent monitors in the classroom during test sessions.

"If they had two parents come in and monitor the class, sign after the tests are taken, put in a lock box, the lock box goes and gets processed; there's no suspicion of anything," Stilwill said.

State education officials have already added a special seal on test results envelopes at some Atlanta Public Schools where cheating happened.

But Melissa Fincher, Director of Testing, said she's not sure it will be required in all Georgia schools.

She recently told 11Alive News there's no foolproof way to guard against crooked administrators higher up the chain.

"In this case these were unethical decisions being made and what is to keep them from getting new envelopes and just placing a new seal on (them) after hours?" Fincher added.

We'd like to hear your suggestions about possible solutions to test cheating. 

Please send them to us at Facebook.com/11Alive.

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