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Coping with the Count

ATLANTA-The playground at Atlanta North School in Dunwoody sits empty on a beautiful day. But a ruckus is coming from inside the gym, the new spot for recess.

Kellie Nunley with Atlanta North says, "We decided to keep the kids in because the pollen count is high. It's supposed to be high most of the week."

The thick yellow coating clinging to every vehicle in Atlanta isn't responsible for allergy misery...it's the particles you can't see that are forcing people indoors, and to the doctor.

Doctor Anthony Ferrara of North Atlanta Urgent Care says what works is pretty simple.

"Most people I'd say 90 percent, do well with over the counter, zyrtec, allegra, claritin.

He also recommends saline nasal washes. "We recommend them to all our patients, for allergies people do feel better after flushing out the sinuses. It does prevent that allergy from turning into a sinus infection or worse."

And he's just as adamant about what doesn't work.

"Over the counter nasal sprays and benadryl does not work."

When all else fails, you can take a spin through the car wash..kind of seems pointless though. It will be yellow again the morning.









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