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Neal Boortz gets more outrageous in final shows | News

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Neal Boortz gets more outrageous in final shows

ATLANTA -- If Neal Boortz ever had a filter, you won't notice it during the final week of shows for the WSB Radio talk show host.

"Well, what are they gonna do?" Boortz asked 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie. "Are they gonna fire me? Really?"

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After 42 years on the air in Atlanta, Boortz, a Libertarian, is even more outrageous than ever as he prepares to retire after Friday morning's broadcast. 

He is the longest running talk show host on Atlanta radio with 6 million listeners and a spot in the national radio Hall of Fame.

He's been planning what he calls his "Happy Ending" since announcing his retirement plans six months ago.

"I am so afraid of where this country is going, especially after the November election," Boortz said. "I'm so concerned that I just don't want it to matter to me that much anymore."

Executive producer Belinda Skelton has worked with Boortz for 18 years.

"In a show, he can make me laugh, cry, get ticked off, every emotion possible I experience in the show," Skelton said. 

After this final week, Boortz will travel, write and do some fill-in work.

"The last half hour might get a little emotional, a little tough," Boortz said. "But I'm asking them to let me do that last half-hour, load my stuff in my bag and walk out the station."

Starting Monday, former presidential candidate Herman Cain will take over for Boortz from 9 a.m. to noon on WSB Radio.

Belinda Skelton will move on to host her own lifestyles show on the weekends.


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