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Garbage truck creates noisy wake-up call in Midtown | News

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Garbage truck creates noisy wake-up call in Midtown

ATLANTA -- Residents of a Midtown Atlanta apartment complex said American Disposal Services has been picking up the trash as early as 3 a.m., waking the whole neighborhood and flagrantly violating city policy.

A resident of 1045 on the Park Apartment Homes complained to building management, American Disposal Services and her city councilman -- and the garbage truck still arrived at 3:04 a.m. To add insult to injury, the truck left the dumpster in the middle of the street when it finished emptying it.

"Imagine if you knew, every week during the work week, that you were going to lose three hours of sleep," one resident said. "I don't think people would be too happy about it."

11Alive News got in touch with American Disposal Services to see why it arrived so early. The company said it had written permission from the apartment complex to pick up before 5 a.m. because it's located at a very busy intersection.

But the city of Atlanta said it never issued a waiver. It's against city ordinance to pick up trash before 7 a.m. inside city limits -- and a 3 a.m. pickup is clearly in violation.

"I just want it to stop," one resident said. "I don't want anyone jailed or anything like that -- just whatever it takes to make it stop. I am only asking that they not violate a city ordinance that's in place for a reason, that every other building seems to abide by."

So where did 1045 on the Park get the waiver? 11Alive called building management repeatedly, but never received an answer to the question.

However, there is now some good news for residents. After 11Alive called American Disposal Services about the complaints, the company canceled its contract with the apartment complex, meaning no more 3 a.m. wake-up calls.