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Feds: Atlanta can't account for $393,869 in grants | News

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Feds: Atlanta can't account for $393,869 in grants

ATLANTA -- 11Alive News is asking the Atlanta Mayor's Office to explain a recently released audit by The US Department of Justice.

In it, there are questions about how the city of Atlanta spent $1.1 million over three years for what was supposed to cut crime and improve community involvement.

Between 2007 and 2010 the city received Weed and Seed grants to be used in two neighborhoods -- Mechanicsville and Pittsburgh.  At the time, both were riddled with crime.  

READ THE REPORT | Federal audit on Weed and Seed grants

According to the DOJ, the program is a catalyst to"weed" out crime and "seed" the area with community partnerships, growth and social services.

A just released audit alleges the Atlanta Mayor's Office of Weed and Seed failed to accurately account for $393,869.

In the 96 page report, the feds state they were troubled by vague accounting.

For instance a $31,897 reinbursement for teen court.

Also questioned was $20,272 paid to a former city worker for something labeled simply "consulting.

Auditors said the city repeatedly failed to provide accurate receipts or bookeeping for a number of items.

It found the Mayor's Office overpaid one invoice by $11,660 .

The report said there were also two occasions of double billing that totaled $7,904.

Auditors questioned $1,955 for what was recorded as a new intercom system. The City of Atlanta later responded in a letter saying it was more like a "doorbell" for an office.

According to the audit, there was also $48,125 worth of grant money that never got used at all.

In its summary, the DOJ said despite many requests to the city "some records were never provided" and some questions have yet to be answered.


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