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Atlanta's City Hall East Closer to Being Sold.

    It is a formidable silhouette that has stood watch like a sentry over Ponce De Leon for 85-years.

   These days it's empty; but by next year, Atlanta's City Hall East could begin to stir with signs of life again.

   "This is the largest building in the southeast," said Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall.  "It's 2-million square feet; that's larger than the Bank of America tower."

The World Champions You Need to Meet

ATLANTA -- It's an impressive looking trophy towering over the petite teenaged girl who holds it on her lap. Grady High School junior Shawn Kleber pipes up from the back, "Hopefully we'll get some respect now!" All 11 teenagers laugh.

Grady's mock trial team, probably not the most revered organization at the school, can now claim top spot in the world. The team won an international competition in New York City over the weekend, beating out 29 teams from around the world.

"I could not watch the announcement. My head was in my hands." Carl Gebo, a real life attorney in Midtown, has helped coach the team for 15 years.

He says the group works incredibly hard, sacrificing spring break vacations in order to work on cases. The group receives a case from attorneys. It's the team's job to create an entire trial from the plot summary, complete with opening arguments, witnesses, cross examinations, closing arguments.

That Was No Bull In Her Shop, It Was A Girl

ATLANTA -- You can find a little bit of everything in Richards Variety Store in Midtown. But customers saw something in the store Tuesday that no one could have dreamed of.

The store owner still has a hard time believing what happened in her store when a 16 year old girl acted like a bull in a China shop, damaging merchandise.

The troubled teenager walked into the store at about 12:30PM and walked up and down the aisles pulling merchandise off the shelves.

Ya Ya Klenberg said she is upset because no one tried to stop her. "When I heard the first sound I thought it must be some customer just had an accident," the owner said. "When it continued, the crashing sound, I knew something is seriously wrong."

From Homelessness to City Hall: A Success Story

Homelessness can take on many faces, especially in an economy which has left many unemployed for so long.

Two women have used a little-known program to go from homelessness to Atlanta City Hall.

On this day, Miaya Johnson answers phones, files papers, and types entries into the computer -- and can't help but wonder if it's all real.

"Thankful isn't even a strong enough word," she says.

It's her seventh day as the new executive assistant for Atlanta City Councilmember Kwanza Hall -- a job she got several months after finding herself homeless.

"I was just in a really bad home situation," says Johnson, "both for myself and my children, and I decided I needed to get out of it."

GBI Joins Probe into Possible APS Test Cheating

ATLANTA -- GBI agents showed up at several Atlanta Public Schools on Monday afternoon, joining the investigation into possible cheating on standardized tests.

"I think it leads questions to the fact of how much did they want to know," said an angry Gov. Sonny Perdue two months ago, when he named his own special investigators to look into possible cheating on CRCT standardized tests at several Atlanta public schools.

Perdue essentially accused the system of whitewashing its own investigation, an investigation that many staffers refused to cooperate with it.

Now the governor has issued an executive order adding the GBI to the probe. Its agents have subpoena power and could recommend criminal charges.

As GBI agents began fanning out to several Atlanta schools Monday afternoon, the school system insisted it is cooperating.

Baby Born in Rush Hour Traffic on I-85

ATLANTA -- Valerie Gallardo arrived into this world just after 7:30 a.m. Monday, blissfully unaware of just what a commotion she caused.

"When they deliver on the expressway, it's always like, 'Wow'!" said nurse Venus Soriano.

Yes, baby Valerie was born on the expressway -- specifically, at I-85 southbound just north of the 17th Street Bridge.

Oh, and it was during the morning rush.

"There was lots of traffic," said Valerie's mother, Maria Gallardo, through an interpreter Monday. "I just couldn't hold on anymore."

Maria went into labor at her home in Duluth at around 7 a.m. Her husband was driving her to the hospital when traffic hit; they were about five minutes away when Valerie first poked her head out.

"[My husband] was stopping on the emergency road," said Maria. "But the baby was outside already."

Eventually, the Gallardos pulled over and waited for an ambulance, ever-concerned about the health of their baby.

Atlanta Gets Grant to Clean Contaminated Sites

ATLANTA -- The city of Atlanta is one of 23 communities around the country selected to receive a grant from federal environmental authorities to clean up contaminated sites.

The grant is part of the Environmental Protection Agency's Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Pilot Program.

The EPA said Monday the grant will provide about $175,000 to assess and provide a cleanup plan for contaminated sites that are a hindrance to economic development.

The plan will address brownfield sites in and around the Atlanta Beltline, Campbellton Road and Metropolitan Parkway.

The Atlanta Development Authority and the city of Atlanta, with assistance from Georgia Tech, submitted a proposal to the EPA in the spring.