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A Year After The Floods: The R.M. Clayton Plant Then And Now

ATLANTA -- Most people who became victims of the floods of last September never anticipated that they would end up in the middle of them.

But the team that ran Atlanta's R.M. Clayton sewage treatment plant had always known that the design of that plant makes it vulnerable to the moods of the Chattahoochee River. 

One year ago Tuesday, that plant was under 15 feet of water.

As deputy commissioner of operations at R.M. Clayton, David St. Pierre's job, among other things, is to keep his cool and calm the others around him.

When he arrived at the site at 4 a.m. that Monday, he needed every ounce of cool he had.

"I saw the plant on this side covered with water; it's under fifteen feet of water" St. Pierre recalled. "On the other side of the road, under 15 feet of water."

Can New Govt. Rules Save The Frogs? Pet Industry Says No


Take a good look at this frog. It is likely to be the first....and last time most of us will ever see it.
There is one other of its species...just one more....at Zoo Atlanta...and it is a male.
When they go...that species is gone forever.

"We are looking" said Dr. Dante Fenolio without melodrama, "at a mass extinction event."

Doctor Fenolio works at the Atlanta Botanical Garden doing research on amphibians.
In recent years, that research has taken on a desperate edge.

"There is a pathogenic fungus that is a skin fungus called chytrid fungus" explained Dr. Fenolio "that is killing amphibian populations all over the world."

Sept. 23: Mastermind EVP Mike Gelfond Speaks on Social Media ROI at LIFT Summit in Atlanta

Mike Gelfond, EVP of Atlanta-based Mastermind, a leading social, digital and promotion agency, will be part of a panel discussing how businesses can measure social return on investment (SROI).  The panel, “The Roadmap to Measuring Social Return on Investment,” is part of the one-day Lift Summit on Sept.

Free Ice Cream, Museums and More

Hershey's is having a promotion called Moderation Nation. The company is offering individuals a free one-on-one nutritional consultation with a registered dietician in your area that's worth up to $250.00. 

To sign up go to hersheys.com/moderationnation. Close to 2000 consultations are available nationwide. You will need to submit a rebate form to be reimbursed for your consultation.

Delta Plane Blows a Tire on Take-off from ATL

ATLANTA -- A Delta flight out of Atlanta Thursday night blew four tires on its takeoff; it had to stop and transfer its passengers, headed to Ohio, onto a new plane.

It's a scary headline, but Delta officials say it sounds a lot more dangerous than it likely actually was.

Several aviation insiders agree that flat tires actually happen a handful of times every year. When they do, they usually occur as it did Thursday.

The DC-9 plane was accelerating on the runway. The tire blew -- Delta officials are still investigating why -- and while the plane could have still taken off, the pilot made the safer choice and began to stop.

Former FAA spokesperson Jack Barker says that's when the plane's safety measures kicked in.

"With the safety that's built into it, once [the pilot] starts to brake, the other tires will deflate just to make sure the plane doesn't go anywhere," Barker said.

Mayor Reed Names New City Attorney for Atlanta

ATLANTA --  Mayor Kasim Reed named Cathy Hampton as his pick for City Attorney on Friday.

Hampton most recently served as chief legal officer, general counsel and secretary at RARE Hospitality International, a restaurant franchisor. Before that, the Spelman and Harvard grad served as Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Earthlink and Counsel at Turner Entertainment Group and the National Basketball Association. 

"Cathy Hampton brings an impressive breadth and depth of legal experience to the City of Atlanta," Reed said in a statement. "Her knowledge of government compliance issues, corporate law, negotiation and contract administration will be an invaluable asset to the City of Atlanta. She is a seasoned attorney who will make an important difference in the management and leadership of the City's Law Department."

Atlanta Celebrates 'Park(ing) Day' with Sod, Concert

ATLANTA -- Friday is National Park(ing) Day. It's not a day to park for free, but an annual, worldwide event that inspires city dwellers everywhere to transform parking spots into temporary parks.

This year, Atlanta is getting in on the action. Several groups are partnering to make tens of thousands of square feet of Atlantic Station blacktop a little greener, covering concrete with sod ahead of a free concert Friday night.

MX Energy and 92.9 Dave FM have teamed up to sponsor the event celebrating National Parking Day. The two companies are also donating fresh sod to Park Pride to be used in parks in Metro Atlanta.

Organizers hope the concert and festival will help raise awareness about green causes. National Park(ing) Day started a few years ago in San Francisco and has since spread across the country.