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Ga. Tech among top schools for post-grad salaries | Schools

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Ga. Tech among top schools for post-grad salaries
Ga. Tech among top schools for post-grad salaries

ATLANTA -- It truly pays to graduate from Georgia Tech.

A new study from NerdWallet ranks the top 25 colleges based on which schools and programs earn students the most money after graduation.

Georgia Tech is the only Georgia school on the list. Its College of Computing ranked No. 12 with an average salary of $63,548 and its College of Engineering ranked NO. 16 with an average salary of $62,662.

When considering tuition costs and acceptance rates, Georgia Tech ranks No. 10 overall.

"Georgia Tech is the only public university in the top 10 list -- meaning it's much more affordable compared to private universities," NerdWallet said. "If you're an in-state resident, annual tuition cost is a paltry $7,938, compared to the average tuition of $44,000 charged by the other top 10 highest universities. Even if you're out-of-state, tuition is still a fraction of the private schools' tuition, $26,148 a year."

The top 10 schools with the highest reported salaries upon graduation include:

1. Carnegie Mellon University (School of Computer Science)
2. Stanford University (Engineering)
3. New York University (College of Nursing)
4. Harvey Mudd College
5. University of Pennsylvania (School of Engineering & Applied Science)
6. Carnegie Mellon University (Mellon College of Science)
7. Carnegie Mellon University (College of Engineering)
8. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School)
9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10. Cornell University (College of Engineering)


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