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CRCT Investigation Report: Boyd Elementary School | Schools

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CRCT Investigation Report: Boyd Elementary School
CRCT Investigation Report: Boyd Elementary School

Boyd Elementary School
1891 Johnson Road NW
Principal: Emalyn Foreman
Testing Coordinator: Lovie Alridge
SRT-4 Executive Director: Tamara Cotman

ATLANTA -- The investigation into Atlanta Public Schools concluded that CRCT cheating occurred at Boyd Elementary School in 2009.

That year, more than 56 percent of classrooms were flagged for cheating; when state monitors were present in 2010, that number dropped to 15.7 percent, according to the investigation.

"Boyd Elementary has an open concept design in which classrooms have no doors," so the CRCT booklets and answer sheets were locked in a cabinet in the media center. Nobody witnessed any teachers or principal Emalyn Foreman changing answers, but evidence led investigators to conclude that cheating occurred. (271)

A Spanish teacher named Ephigenia Paulk told the Governor's Special Investigators that she believed cheating began occurring in the 1990s, as students who barely knew how to read were earning high scores on the CRCT. She claimed that Foreman told her to change an F to a passing grade on more than one occasion.

Shanay Benton, another teacher, told investigators that while passing out test booklets, she noticed a few were out of order. (271)

Foreman justified the numerous erasures on tests by saying that students were encouraged to check their work after completing exams.

Investigators decided that "there is no other conclusion but that there was widespread cheating at Boyd Elementary School on the 2009 CRCT and that the principal should have known of this." (272)

Foreman is still listed as the principal on the school's website.

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